About the Project

The CDTI Project “ProHater” is a locally funded project by the Valencian government. The project focusses on developing an AI model that aids in the detection of hate speech online. Using datasets gathered around hate speech, bot detection and stance, the AI model will be developed to detect potential hate speech spreaders. Given a hot topic (e.g., Covid vaccination), we will detect people stance (anti vs pro), the usage of hate speech and how this affects society polarisation. We will also analyse the effect of bots in such polarisation, and generate counter-measures for the policy makers to address the problem.


  • Develop an AI model that can detect hate speech spreaders
  • Use data collected from Twitter, Facebook and other sources for analysis and annotation for the project
  • Publish a paper on the work done for this project
    1. State of the Art
    2. Publication of results

Topics to be covered

  • Hate Speech
  • US elections
    • Polarisation
    • Stance
  • Vaccinations
  • Catalonia
  • Bot detection and polarisation