Date held: 6th March 2014

Location: Erasmus Pavillion, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Duration: 3 hours



The TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam event which took place in 2014 was the first TEDx event introduced at the Erasmus University. Since its introduction, it has continued to grow and mature year on year. The idea to start a TEDx event for the university came from my interest in Event Management and wanting to creating something that will continue long after my graduation.

The TED name ensured that having this kind of event would continue as it can relate closely to the core pillars of the university, namely: Health, Wealth, Governance and Culture.

The team consisted of 11 students from various faculties lead by myself to ensure all areas of the event was covered and executed according to the standards of TED. The teams were divided into 4 main areas:

Program - In charge of speaker search and rehearsals. Also ensuring the event followed the set agenda for the day.

Creatives - Tasked with created all things visual for the event. From Posters, Brochures, name badges etc.

Marketing - Ensured the event was made known around the university and also working with the university administration to send out appropriate messages to students on campus.

Sponsorship - Finding funding for an event that is purely voluntary is always tricky, but the team managed to collaborate and acquire funding from the university to cover the necessary costs for the event from venue to print and representation.

Overall the event was a success and is still a key event each year at the Erasmus University Rotterdam to date.

Videos of the event