Date held: 17th October 2019

Location: Sala Ruzafa, Valencia, Spain

Duration: 2.5 hours


The first TEDxRuzafa event was organised around the theme of "Efecto Mariposa" (Butterfly Effect) originating from how the team was formed to how the selection of speakers were invited, all coming together for one event with the aim to give something back to the local community which welcomed us since our first arrival in Valencia.

Ruzafa is one of the neighbourhoods in Valencia which became gentrified through the influx of local boutique stores, bars and restaurants. Attracting a young crowd and expats, the area imbues a sense of community with everything you need right around the corner.

The team consisted of fellow colleagues, co-working acquaintances, students and people with a passion for TED and what it represents.

The event planning started in April 2019 with venue search that was easily realised when we discovered Sala Russafa with its theatre stage setup perfect for such an event and perfectly situated in the heart of Ruzafa.

With the venue confirmed, next was speaker search that involved exploring our networks to seek out hidden and unique stories that captured the essence of how we wanted shape this TEDx event. Talks that were both inspiring and thought provoking (see the talks on the right).

In the end with the help of the local community, we quickly managed to source both monetary and material sponsors right within the neighbourhood. Bars offering drinks, bodegas sponsoring wine, local bakery providing catering and so many more that ensured a successful first TEDxRuzafa event.

Videos of the event